Thriller – Sector C

Sector C

In this episode, we review Sector C, a science fiction eco-thriller
that gave us an intimate look at the ranching community of the Great
Plains. We also interview Charles M. Pulsipher about his novel, The
Crystal Bridge, and about how your own characters can surprise you.

Thriller – This is Life

This is Life

In this episode of The Indie Book Podcast, we review This is Life, a thriller with a streetwise voice.  We also speak with author M. Louisa Locke, about her book, Maids of Misfortune, and about the flexibility in self-publishing.

Thriller – The River Panj

The River Panj

In this episode, we review The River Panj, a thriller that took us on an insightful tour of Tajikistan. We also talk with author Nick Cole, about his book The Old Man and The Wasteland, and about the many choices writers have when entering the modern marketplace.

Thriller – Saving Rachel

Saving Rachel

In this episode, we review John Locke’s Saving Rachel, a thriller that took us on a wild ride. We also discuss the Kindle Fire, and talk with author Christian Cantrell about his book, Containment, and about the virtues of writing one’s self into a corner.