Literary – The Old Man and the Wasteland

The Old Man and the Wasteland

In this episode, we review The Old Man and the Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic literary novella that pays homage to Ernest Hemingway. We also speak with author Courtney Milan about her romance novella, Unlocked, her decision to leave traditional publishing, and why the 2010’s are like the 1850’s.

Seeking YA with LBGTQ characters

So, there’s been a bit of internet flap lately about a pair of authors who say they were offered agent representation–but only if they agreed to “straighten” a prominent gay character.

Now, there are two sides to every story, and the agent’s is worth reading. She claims she suggested the gay character’s viewpoint be removed, but not because he was gay–because the book had too many viewpoint characters, and presumably he seemed like one who could be reduced to a supporting role.

Maybe there was a misunderstanding, or maybe someone is being less than honest. Either way, it’s gotten me excited about the possibility of reviewing a YA with prominent LBGTQ characters for the podcast.

Because if agents/publishers are avoiding such characters, it doesn’t really sit right with me. Nor does it seem to accurately reflect an understanding of what readers want. As a reader, it’s honestly never mattered to me whether a character is gay or straight–what matters is whether he’s interesting, admirable, and worth spending time with.

So if you know any titles you can recommend, please, please send them my way.

Science Fiction – Containment


In this episode, we review Containment, a science fiction novel about a dying colony on Venus. We also discuss hybrid publishing models, speculate about the new Kindle, and contemplate the power of J.K. Rowling.

Romance – Unlocked


In this episode, we review Unlocked, a short romance that’s packed with conflict. We also speak with author G. Norman Lippert about his suspense novel, The Riverhouse, and about unconventional paths toward success.