Suspense – The Riverhouse

The Riverhouse

In this episode, we review The Riverhouse by G. Norman Lippert, a supernatural suspense full of terrific characters, both living and dead.  We also bemoan the death of Borders, lay out our goals for this podcast, and puzzle over that question everyone is asking:  where goeth the publishing industry from here?

5 thoughts on “Suspense – The Riverhouse

  1. dear reader, I got this link on Facebook ( onder the tag off James Potter Series) and I listend the podcast.
    real cool to hear and yes I read the book some time ago.
    I heard that Mr Lippert is to be intervieuwd, and my question is to compliment him on the James Potter books he made.
    I am a great fan from the Netherlands.
    thanks and greatings from Martin van der Leij

  2. I enjoyed your review of Riverhouse and your discussion of indi books in general. Good job.

    I learned about your podcast from my good friend Liz Sanders.

  3. I enjoyed your podcast. I have not read the book you reviewed but I am intrigued by your review…looking forward to many more episodes! Thanks for tAking the time to podcast.

  4. Thanks for listening, everyone! We’re really excited about this new podcast, and it’s awesome to hear that people are enjoying it!

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