Literary – The Mill River Recluse

The Mill River Recluse

In this episode, we review The Mill River Recluse, a literary novel that made a huge splash on the publishing scene. We also talk with its author, Darcie Chan, about creating flawed characters, and about the possibilities that come with success.

Thriller – Sector C

Sector C

In this episode, we review Sector C, a science fiction eco-thriller
that gave us an intimate look at the ranching community of the Great
Plains. We also interview Charles M. Pulsipher about his novel, The
Crystal Bridge, and about how your own characters can surprise you.

I Have Just Met You, And I Love You

Mark and I are proud to announce the birth of our daughter, Story Katherine Kalmes!

Story was born at 3:35 AM on December 27th, and promptly reduced our life to a continuous series of diaper changes, feedings, and making goofy faces. We do have one episode in the can, reviewing Sector C by Phoenix Sullivan and interviewing Charles M. Pulsipher of The Crystal Bridge. We’ll have it up just as soon as Mark can find a spare moment to edit it.

Fantasy – The Crystal Bridge

The Crystal Bridge

In this episode, we review The Crystal Bridge, a sci-fi/fantasy crossover with a sprawling and intricate plot. We also discuss the controversy surrounding Book Country, and speak with fellow podcaster and author Seth Harwood, about his book, This is Life.

Sinus Infection + Late Term Pregnancy = Fewer Episodes for a While

A while back, a friend, who was about three months ahead of me in her pregnancy, told me that I shouldn’t count on getting a lot done during the last month. I seem to remember she said something along the lines of, “You’ll have less energy than you might anticipate.”

I did not believe her.

It wasn’t that I doubted her veracity. But she was carrying twins and I wasn’t, and this, I reasoned, would make a big difference. Also, as a result of the aforementioned twins, she had been dealing with a number of health difficulties that seemed like they would sap anyone’s vim.

Fast forward three months, and I am looking at a due date coming at me in just four weeks, plus dealing with a persistent sinus infection that is not only turning all my t’s into d’s (not so great for podcasting), but also sending me to bed for naps at least once, if not twice, a day.

So, for the time being, we’re going to play it by ear with the podcasts. We still hope to get back to a weekly schedule, but for now, people probably shouldn’t expect more than one episode every two weeks.

Our next episode will include a review of The Crystal Bridge by Charles M. Pulsipher, as well as an interview of author Seth Harwood. Look for it no later than next weekend.

Thriller – This is Life

This is Life

In this episode of The Indie Book Podcast, we review This is Life, a thriller with a streetwise voice.  We also speak with author M. Louisa Locke, about her book, Maids of Misfortune, and about the flexibility in self-publishing.

Mystery – Maids of Misfortune

Maids of Misfortune

In this episode, we review Maids of Misfortune, a historical mystery that showed us a detailed portrait of Victorian San Francisco. We also speak with author Moses Siregar III, about his book, The Black God’s War, and about the joys and challenges of worldbuilding.

Fantasy – The Black God’s War

The Black God’s War

In this episode, we review The Black God’s War, an epic fantasy that was chock full of fascinating characters. We also discuss the war heating up between Amazon and traditional publishers, and speak with author David Raterman about his book, The River Panj, and about the tension between earning a steady paycheck and striking out on your own.

No New Episode This Week

My co-host, Mark, has a ton of business tasks on his shoulders this weekend, which means that we won’t be able to put together an episode as usual. We’ll be back next weekend, though, when we’ll be reviewing The Black God’s War, a fantasy by Moses Siregar III.

Thriller – The River Panj

The River Panj

In this episode, we review The River Panj, a thriller that took us on an insightful tour of Tajikistan. We also talk with author Nick Cole, about his book The Old Man and The Wasteland, and about the many choices writers have when entering the modern marketplace.